Talking about love is like dancing about architecture

I have a friend, jazz musician...trumpet player, really terrific. And I go and hear him jam every month or so and he plays this piece I love, an old Chet Baker song. And he blows the same notes every time and every time it sounds so different. And we had drinks one night...when I used to drink....and I tried to tell him how that song made me feel, how the music made me feel, how his playing made me feel. And he just kept shakin' his head and he said "Joan, you can't talk about music! Talking about music is like dancing about architecture," and I just said, "Well fine! Gonna get all philosophical on me, it's just as pointless as talking about a lot of things, love for instance." And my friend laughed and he said, "Definitely, most definitely, talking about love is like dancing about architecture." So I don't know, he might be right...but it ain't gonna stop me from trying.

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dEsoRdeN dijo...

Brillante fragmento... y gran definición!
Keep on tryin'!!

Lilium dijo...

Ja! Yo tampoco se, pero supongo que esa es la mejor actitud que se puede tomar, no? No dejar de intentarlo.

También vine a darte las gracias por tu comentario en mi post de Analogía ;D tu sabes como son esas cosas 'de médicos' no? jejeje


Xavier dijo...

De acuerdo totalmente.